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FAQ – Child Passport

  • Do my children require US passports?

    Any United States citizen, no matter what age, traveling outside of the United States by air requires a passport. This includes infants and newborns. can assist you if you need to get a new child passport or if you need to update a child's passport.

  • It says I need to appear in person with my child, isn't that what you are doing for me?

    If you are NOT using a third party expeditor, that is correct.
    IF you ARE using a third party expediting service, such as, parents and children ONLY need to visit a Passport Acceptance Agent located within your local post office or county clerk. This is necessary for the Acceptance Agent to verify your identities (DO NOT sign the application until you are in front of the agent!) The agent will seal the appropriate documents into an envelope. It is this envelope that you will send to us for expediting.

    To find a Passport Acceptance Facility near you, visit

  • My child is too young to sign documents. Can I sign the passport application?

    Yes. At the Passport Acceptance Agent, you will be prompted to sign the application in the spots marked for parent signature.

  • How do I take my baby's photo?

    Acceptable passport photos for babies must be the same size as an adult (2in x 2in) and taken within the past 6 months. Your baby must be facing forward, looking at the camera and set against a white or off-white background. If your child is too young to sit up, the photo can be taken with your baby lying on a white blanket. Please try to get a photo with your baby's eyes open, and ensure your baby is not screaming or crying. No hats, headgear, baby bonnets or pacifiers are allowed. The baby must be the only thing in the picture. Nothing used to support the baby can appear in the picture. That includes you, your hands or arms, or your baby's car seat.

  • What if one parent is out of town, how can we both appear to get our child's passport?

    The Department of State has made a provision for that with the Parental Consent Form DS-3053. This form can be signed by the missing parent in front of a notary and submitted with the paperwork.

  • What if we have no contact with one parent?

    If you are unable to contact the other parent to get consent, you can prepare Form DS-5525, the Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances. (Please contact to request this form.) On this form, you will explain why you are not able to make contact with the other parent. If you have sole custody of your child, you can also provide court documentation showing you have sole custody.

  • What if my child was adopted?

    If your child was issued an amended birth certificate listing you as the parents, you can submit that to prove your parenthood. If you do not have an amended birth certificate, you must submit the adoption paperwork and submit identification that you are the adopter on the adoption papers.

  • What if a parent is deceased or disabled?

    You will need to submit the parent's death certificate or proof that the other parent has been declared legally incompetent. If both parents are deceased or disabled you must also submit a court order awarding custody of the child to you or specifically permitting you to take the child out of the country or an adoption decree with your name on it.

  • Can I renew my child's passport?

    Child Passports [child was under 16 when issued a passport] are only valid for 5 years. They cannot be renewed the same way as an adult passport. You must apply for a New Child Passport until the age of 16. It will be the same process as you followed when you got their previous passport.

    Note: To expedite your child's passport with our service, please select the "child passport" service for all minors under 18. There are special requirements for age 16 and 17.

  • What should I do if my baby is born abroad?

    A child born overseas to US parents can apply using a Consular Report of Birth Abroad [an original FS-240 is furnished to the parents at the time the registration is approved] as proof of citizenship.

    A child born abroad and adopted by US parents, can apply using their adoption decree and a copy of both parent's US birth certificates as proof of citizenship.

  • Does my child need a passport to travel to Canada or Mexico?

    U.S. citizen children under age 16 arriving by land [driving] or sea from contiguous territory [Canada or Mexico] may present an original or certified copy of his or her birth certificate, a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, a Naturalization Certificate, or Passport Card. This also applies to children under age 19 traveling with a school group, religious group, social or cultural organization, or sports team.

    All travel by air, including to Mexico and Canada, requires a valid US passport for all travelers, adults and children.

  • What if one parent is out of town, how can we both appear to get our child's passport?

    The Department of State has made a provision for that with the Parental consent form - DS-3053. This form can be signed by the missing parent in front of a notary and submitted with the paperwork along with a photocopy of their identification.

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