One of the worst things about applying for a passport is the paperwork. Not sure which passport forms you need to fill out? Use our helpful guide to slice through the confusion!  Read on to determine which forms you need and where to find them:

New Passports
Passport Renewals
Child Passport
Lost or Stolen Passports
Damaged Passports
Passport Name Changes
Passport Cards

Passport Forms for New Passports

If you’ve never had a passport before, you’ll use Form DS-11. 

To use form DS-11, apply in person at a post office or another passport acceptance office. You may print the form out and fill it out ahead of time, but DON’T SIGN IT until you get to the passport office.

Bring the following documents with you:

  • Proof of citizenship (Acceptable documents include: Birth Certificate,  Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth, Naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship).
  • Proof of identity (Driver’s license or state-issued ID card.)
  • One passport photo

For more about applying for a new passport, read this:

How to Apply for a New Passport

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Passport Renewal Forms

If you’ve had a passport before, you may be eligible to renew by mail using Form DS-82.

How do you know if you can use Form DS-82? Take our 30-second quiz:

You must include the following documents along with Form DS-82:

  • Your current passport.
  • One passport photo.
  • Documents to support your name change request (if applicable).

For more information on the passport renewal process, see How to Apply for a Passport Renewal.

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Passport Forms for Children

Does your child need a passport? All children under the age of 18 must apply in person for a passport using Form DS-11, even if they’ve had a passport before.

For children under the age of 16, both parents must come in person to the passport office to sign the application. If both parents can’t make it, one parent can fill out Form DS-3053 and have it notarized instead.

What if you aren’t in contact with the other parent? Use Form DS-5525 to explain why you can’t get the other parent’s consent and hope for the best.

Parents also must prove their identities and their relationship to the child in question. For more information, please read How to Get a Child Passport.

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Replacing a Lost or Stolen Passport

If your passport has been lost or stolen, you must report it using Form DS-64. Then, you’ll need to apply in person at a passport office using Form DS-11 per these instructions: How to Replace a Lost Passport

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Passport Forms for Damaged Passports

If your passport has been damaged, treat it as though it has been lost or stolen.  Use Form DS-64 and Form DS-11, and follow these instructions: What to Do If Your Passport is Damaged?

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Passport Name Changes

Which passport forms do you need to change your name on your passport? That depends on how long it’s been since your passport was issued and why you need to change it.

If your passport was issued less than a year ago:

  • Use Form DS-5504
  • Send it in with one passport photo and legal documents to back up the name change. A marriage certificate or court order will do nicely.

If your passport was issued more than a year ago:

  • If you are eligible to use form DS-82 to renew your passport by mail, do so. Include documents to support your name change request.
  • If you are not eligible to use Form DS-82, use Form DS-11.  Again, include documents to support your name change request.

For printing errors, you are eligible to use form DS-5504 to have your passport corrected for free for as long as it remains valid.

For more information, see How to Change the Name on a Passport and How to Fix Mistakes on Your US Passport

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Passport Forms for Passport Cards

What about passport cards? Passport cards are smaller and cheaper than traditional passports. They provide a more convenient, wallet-sized option for frequent border crossers.

If you’ve never had a passport of any sort before, go to a passport office and use Form DS-11. 

However, if you already have a passport (even if it’s a passport book instead of a card) and you would be eligible to use Form DS-82 for a renewal, you can use it to apply for a passport card by mail.

Note: Passport cards are not valid for international air travel. For more, read Passports Vs. Passport Cards.

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Passport Forms Made Easy, Passport Service Made Quick

No matter what passport services you’re applying for, make sure you apply well in advance.  As of August 2016, the soonest you can expect to get your passport from the post office is three weeks, and that’s if you pay for expedited service.

To get it any sooner, you’d have to make an appointment at one of the nation’s 26 passport agencies. These passport offices can issue passports the same day if you have all of your documents and proof of immediate travel.

However, they require an appointment. Depending on where you live, you may also have to travel quite a distance to get to one.

An easier option is to use an expediting service like RushMyPassport. We take your documents and deal with the passport agency for you, so there’s no need to make an inconvenient appointment, wait in line or drive to another city. Plus, our helpful checklists make it easy to see all the forms and documents you need at a glance.

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