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How To Apply For A New Passport Card

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The passport card is a valid federal ID primarily for travelers that visit Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean by land and sea. It is the size and shape of a driver’s license, and conveniently fits in your wallet. The passport card is valid only for certain types of international travel and cannot be used for international air travel. To apply for a new passport card, you will need to use one of the following procedures:

How to Get a Passport Card If You Already Have a US Passport

If you already have a US passport, you may be able to apply for a new passport card using passport renewal form DS-82.

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Washington DC Passport office

How to Apply for a New Passport

Your passport is one of the most important documents you will ever own. The new passport application process can be overwhelming, but we will make it easy to understand. There are different passport processing speeds you can choose, and different fees for each speed option.

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How to Apply for a Passport Renewal
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How to Apply for a Passport Renewal

After 10 years, your passport probably feels like an old friend. Unfortunately, after a decade of accompanying you all over the world, it’s time for your old friend to retire. Applying for a passport renewal in a timely fashion will keep you footloose and fancy free, ready to jet off somewhere exotic at a moment’s notice.

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