Sometimes, a lost passport isn’t as much of a tragedy as you’d think. One writer described how losing a passport right before an international trip gave him the chance to see the exquisite art in the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas. Why Houston? Houston is home to one of the 15 US Passport Agency offices scattered throughout the country. These offices are capable of issuing a same day passport if you appear in person with the right documents.

After realizing he had lost his passport right before a trip to Mexico, writer Zane Fischer scheduled an overnight stop in Houston on his way out of the country. By making an appointment at the US Passport Agency office, he was able to get a same day passport and still had time to check out some of the city’s best art. If you’re interested in art, his article contains an amusing description of the eclectic Menil Collection, which contains everything from Byzantine frescoes to the abstract expressionist paintings of Mark Rothko.

Same Day Passports Without Going to a Passport Agency Office

However, not everyone is able to stop by a Passport Agency office on the way out of the country.  What if you need a same day passport and can’t make it to one of the Passport Agency offices? In that case, a private passport expediting company like can hand-deliver your passport application to the passport office for you. When you use an expediting service for a same day passport, your application will be handled by trained passport specialists, and you’ll be able to track your order. In most cases, you can get your passport within 24 hours, without having to make an appointment or wait in line!