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Same Day Passport Agency To Open in San Diego on Monday

On Monday, April 4th, San Diego residents who desperately need a new passport to travel can breathe a sigh of relief. That’s the day the new San Diego Passport Agency office officially opens to offer same-day passport services to San Diego residents with imminent international travel plans and no passports. According to this press release from the Department of State, a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be hosted by Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick F.

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Same Day Passport Office Opens in Vermont

Vermonters in need of a same day passport can breathe a huge sigh of relief: A new regional passport agency office just opened in St. Albans. That means that Vermonters with verifiable passport emergencies can get same-day passport requests processed in state, instead of having to drive or catch a plane to New Hampshire or Boston.

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Same Day Passports and Art in Houston

Sometimes, a lost passport isn’t as much of a tragedy as you’d think. For example, in this article from the Santa Fe Reporter, one writer described how losing a passport right before an international trip gave him the chance to see the exquisite art in the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas.

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