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Lost Passport Statistics: Could It Happen To You?

Worried about losing your passport? Most Americans don't give the possibility a second thought, according to a new survey released by Mandala Research. The group surveyed 1,000 Americans to gauge their concerns about lost or stolen passports. Here are the results: 87 percent of respondents said they were "confident in their ability to protect their passport during travel." Only 2 percent of respondents had experienced a lost or stolen passport In a press release, Laura Mandala, managing director of Mandala Research, said: "Americans love to travel, but when it comes to matters of personal security and identity theft, these are hot button issues that raise concerns. We undertook the study to see if passport theft was a deterrent to international travel, and the numbers indi


What Should You Do If Your Passport Is Lost or Stolen While Traveling Abroad?

Traveling to a foreign country should be a wonderful experience, but if your passport is lost or stolen while you are abroad, it will be anything but fun. Not only does it create concerns about identity theft, but without your passport you won’t be able to leave a foreign country to return home. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to plan ahead. Before your trip, scan the information page of your passport and print a copy to take along on your travels. Keep this backup copy in a different location than your passport – somewhere secure, but do not carry it with your passport, identification and credit cards. This backup copy will help expedite your replacement passport process. So what should you do if this happens to you? Stay calm and try not to worry. Take im


Help…I Lost My Passport!

A lost passport is always a hassle, especially if you are planning to leave the country any time in the near future.  Don't panic...follow this 4-step action plan and you'll be good to go: Step 1: Look One More Time How many times have you called the bank to report a missing credit card, only to find it the very next day? Much like a credit card, you can't re-activate a passport once you report it lost or stolen. So before you make that phone call, look for it once more, slowly and methodically.  See Finding a Lost Passport for some helpful advice. Step 2: Report It Missing If you still can't find your passport, go ahead and call the National Passport Center at 1-877-487-2778  weekdays between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm to report it missing. This will invalidate the passport so that it ca


Serendipity and a Lost Passport

Would you buy someone else's long-expired passport? What if the passport showed that, many years ago, the person lived in the same place where you live now? For Nuno Fonseca, a Portuguese medical student studying in Paris, the pull of the mystery represented by a 60-year-old passport he found at a flea market was too strong to resist. The long-lost passport was covered in stamps from Europe and the Middle East, and its original owner had once lived in the exact same student housing complex as Mr. Fonseca. As Mr. Fonseca told a reporter from the University of Berkeley, “I knew I had to have the passport of someone who, 60 years before me, took the adventure of going to Paris and lived at the same address. And, of course, I wanted the thrill of finding the passport’s rightful owner


One Way to Protect Yourself from a Lost Passport

At RushMyPassport, people come to us to replace lost passports all the time. For one British man currently living in Australia, though, his passport is impossible to lose- it's tattooed across his back! According to the Sun, Richard Ashton decided to have the tattoo done in 2006, to commemorate a backpacking trip to the country he now calls home. The tattoo includes all of the information on the identification page of his passport, including his passport number. What possessed him to have all of that tattooed across his back in permanent ink? He explains: "I wanted something to remember my holiday by, but also wanted something patriotic. My girlfriend at the time thought I was a bit daft, but eventually she found it hilarious. That seems to be the general reaction." Of course, the tat


Man Replaces Lost Passport with iPad (Maybe)

It was the travel story of the week:  a 33-year-old Canadian man named  Martin Reisch left on a road trip for the US without his passport, but managed to convince Customs to let him across the border by showing them a scanned copy of the document on his iPad. As Mr. Reisch told the Montreal Gazette, the US border guard wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the situation, but after taking his iPad off to another location temporarily, the official waved him on through: “I guess he looked me up in the computer and saw I’m not a criminal or a terrorist or anything.“He didn’t say much besides ‘Merry Christmas.’ ” On his return trip, Mr. Reisch also reportedly got into Canada without a hitch, again by bringing up the scanned copy of his passport on his iPad. He told the Mon


What to Do If You Lost Your Passport

If you lost your passport, what would you do? How would you protect your personal information while ensuring that your travel plans are not interrupted? If you're not sure how to answer that question, the instructions below should help: Step 1: Report the Lost Passport Before you give up on finding your passport, stop, take a deep breath and commit to looking one more time. Try the steps outlined in Finding a Lost Passport. After you've reported it missing, you can't use it to travel again even if it turns up later. Once you've been forced to give up the ghost, however, call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 to report the loss so that nobody else will be able to use your passport for travel. Step 2: Gather Documents After reporting your lost pass


“Not That Good” Samaritan Returns Lost Passport, Keeps Camera

At first, it seemed like an inspirational Hallmark story, the type of thing that restores your faith in humanity. A British couple, Jeremy and Sally Weaving, lost a bag at the airport containing valuables like money, a digital camera and Mr. Weaving's passport. They despaired of finding it again, only to wake up one morning to see a package on their doorstep containing the missing bag. In an interview with the Daily Echo, Mrs. Weaving described how delighted they were to see the bag returned: “When we realised the bag was missing my husband drove straight back to the airport in the hope that it had been handed in but to no avail. To make matters worse he was due to go to France three days later to take part in a 600-mile charity bike ride...You can imagine our surprise when a large par


Twitter Finds Lost Passport on Amazing Race

Lost passports are a perennial hazard for the teams of contestants on "The Amazing Race," now in its tenth year of production. This time around, a passport mishap almost ended one team's race before it could even begin. Kaylani Paliotta and her teammate Lisa Tilley stopped at a gas station en route to Los Angeles International Airport. Unfortunately, Kaylani's passport didn't make it out of the gas station.  The film crew, who saw the dropped passport, were unable to intervene- except to call the show's producers to tell them that the team was toast. Host Phil Keoghan told the New York Times that "We were planning on eliminating this particular team, because there was no way they were going to travel.” The duo's race was saved, however, by an unlikely hero named Ryan Storm. Mr.


Customs Officer Loses Texas Man’s Passport

As Rio Grande Valley resident Joe Valdez found out last month, even Customs officers can make mistakes. For Mr. Valdez, what was supposed to be a routine border crossing resulted in a lost passport after a border patrol officer handed Mr. Valdez' passport to someone else. As Mr. Valdez explained to local news station KRGV, "I parked there, and another person on a bike parked there on the side. And the officer by mistake or something gave my citizenship passport to the guy on the bike and the guy took off." At first, the officer told Mr. Valdez that he would get his passport back, but apparently he was unable to retrieve the document. Replacing a lost passport isn't cheap, and at first Customs officials told Mr. Valdez that he might not get his money back, though he was more than w