If you are applying for a new adult passport, child passport, or replacing a lost or stolen passport, you are required to submit your application in person. Where do you go to get a passport in person? The answer depends on how fast you need your passport to travel. If you are in a rush, the best option may not be passport services at a post office. Find out your options to get your passport.

Passport Acceptance Offices

Most people are able to submit their applications at a passport acceptance facility. This is by far the most accessible type of passport office; there are usually several acceptance facilities located in each city or town. These passport offices are the common passport services at a post office, county clerk, or library. Sometimes, colleges with international study programs also have these passport offices on campus.

At a passport acceptance office, you’ll meet with a passport agent to submit your application. You may also be able to get your photo taken at the office, but check first because not all acceptance offices offer this service.

Processing Times at the Passport Office

The turnaround time for an application submitted at an acceptance office is about four to six weeks, though any delays will make the process longer. Expedited service is available for an additional $60 charge; however, this only cuts the expected processing time down to three weeks. If you are not traveling soon, this option will work great for you.

For faster processing, you need a better option than the passport services at your local passport acceptance office.

Regional Passport Agencies

Regional passport agencies are branches of the Department of State that have the ability to issue emergency passports. For travelers with urgent emergency needs, processing may be available within 24 hours if you have all of your documents in order. However, only people who really need an emergency passport are allowed to use them. You are eligible to make an appointment at a regional passport agency if you are planning to leave the country within the next two weeks, or you need your passport to apply for a travel visa within the next four weeks. Proof of imminent travel is required in addition to the standard documents you would present when applying for a passport.

There are a few characteristics that make regional passport agencies an inconvenient alternative. First, they are usually open by appointment only- you can’t just walk in. Second, there are only 26 of them serving the entire United States, so you may not have one nearby. Third, they tend to have limited hours of operation. For travelers that can’t get to a regional passport agency or simply don’t want to jump through the hoops to get to an agency, there’s another option.

Get Your Passport Fast

One easier way to get a passport in a hurry is to use a private company like RushMyPassport. We hand-deliver your application right to the Department of State, for processing in as little as 24 hours and no need to visit a passport agency office. If you are required to apply in person, just submit your paperwork to be “sealed” at one of the more numerous and accessible acceptance offices. Once you have your sealed documents, simply ship them to us using an overnight delivery service. We can help with fast passport services, all without the hurdles of leaving your zip code.

Let us help you get your passport quickly and easily, today!