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Same Day Passport Office Open in Miami

Same Day Passport Miami Agency

Updated 1/8/19

Here’s some good news for Florida travelers who desperately need a passport: the Department of State has a same day passport office in Miami.  The Miami passport office is located in the Omni Center.

The bad news? To get same day passport service, you can’t just stroll on over to the Omni Center and pick one up. You’ll still have to make an appointment first, go to the passport office at the appointed time, and wait your turn. 

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US Regional Passport Office Directory

What is a Regional Passport Agency?

Regional Passport Offices are run by the Department of State and have passport printing facilities on site. Most are only open to US citizens who plan to leave the country in the next two weeks, or who plan to leave within four weeks and need both a new passport and a visa for their destination.

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Did You Miss Passport Day? No Problem!

March 10th was the Department of State’s fourth annual “Passport Day in the USA” event, and by all accounts it was a smashing success. Passport offices around the country pulled out all the stops to make applying for a passport more convenient, less costly and even more fun.

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How Do You Get a Passport in Florida?

Sunny Florida is a paradise in and of itself, but it’s also located temptingly close to other, more exotic tropical retreats. To the south, the Caribbean beckons, while Mexico is just a short plane ride away.

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Where Do You Go For a Passport?

If you are applying for a new passport or replacing a passport that’s been lost or stolen, you are required to submit your application in person. Where do you go to do that?

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