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Famous People Perks: Emergency Passport With No Photo ID

*The passport fees have recently changed. As of April 2nd, 2018, the passport acceptance fee has gone up from $25 to $35.


Losing a passport overseas is a frightening, frustrating experience. Being famous has its perks, however, as singer John Grant, formerly of the Czars, found out last week.

According to, Mr. Grant was all set fly from the UK to Ver0na, Italy for an upcoming show, when he realized he’d lost both his passport and his photo ID.

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Lost Passports and Disasters: What to Do

Last week’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, devastated the city. Buildings are in ruins and at least 148 people are confirmed dead. Christchurch is a popular town for tourists, many of whom struggled to get out of the city after the quake.

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Beware Lost Passport Email Story

An email scam is making the rounds, and this time, the email isn’t coming from a “Nigerian prince.” Instead, it’s a little bit more clever.  The person sending it claims to be someone you know who has lost their passport (and usually the rest of their wallet) overseas.

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A Lost Passport Can Happen to Anyone- Even a Travel Writer!

Travel writers are professional travelers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes like the rest of us. Seth Kugel, the new Frugal Traveler columnist for the New York Times, saw his new gig get off to a rough start due to one of the most common travel mishaps: a lost passport.

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