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New Rule Makes Getting a Passport Easier For Same-Sex Couples

A new change in the rules for getting a passport will make things easier for same-sex couples married in Massachusetts and other states that allow  same-sex  marriage. Under the new rules, same sex couples who change their names after marriage will be allowed to apply for a passport using their spouse’s last name if they choose to change their names after marriage.

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Voluntourism: Getting a Passport to Give Back

“Voluntourism” is a word that was coined to describe traveling to another country to see the sites and to volunteer. Volontourism offers more than just a fun vacation. You’ll also get a chance to meet local people,  develop existing skills and learn new ones.

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Getting a Passport in El Paso? County Clerk Closes for Swine Flu

El Paso residents who need passports should be aware that the County District Clerk has temporarily stopped accepting passport applications due to confirmed cases of swine flu in the area.

According to this report from a local Fox News affiliate, the office decided to stop accepting passport applications after 7 cases of swine flu were reported in the district, and will remain closed “until further notice.”

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How To Make Sure Your 24 Hour Passport Application is Accepted

If you are applying for 24 hour passport processing, you don’t have any time to spare. You simply cannot afford to have anything go wrong after you submit your application! The following checklist will help you avoid common mistakes so that your 24 hour passport application is accepted the first time.

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