Are you the type of person that likes to take off on an adventure at the spur of the moment? A new travel site called Voyij could have you applying for a passport, quick! Voyij is a service that draws information on last-minute travel deals from other travel sites like Hotwire, Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity.

What’s different about Voyij? Unlike other travel sites, you don’t start with a pre-planned destination. Instead, you enter in the airport that you would like to depart from and the dates you expect to travel. Then, Voyij pulls back a list of travel deals like flights, hotel rooms and all-inclusive vacations that leave from that airport.  Destinations can be within the United States (Las Vegas seems to popular right now) or anywhere else in North America and the Caribbean. International destinations are coming soon.

Remember, if you use Voyij to uncover a last-treasure of a deal on travel to another country, you’ll need to get a passport quickly if you actually want to go.  Right now, normal passport processing through the government takes at least 6 weeks, while the government’s expedited processing takes 3 weeks.

However, if you use a private passport expediting company to submit your application, you’ll get your passport much faster than that. A private expediting company will hand-deliver your application to the US Passport Agency. With processing times as low as 24 hours, you can book your last-minute trip with confidence!

Don’t get left behind-apply now to get a passport, quick!