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US Passport Requirements to Rock the Boat with Weezer

In America’s fame-obsessed culture, it’s probably not a surprise that theme cruises featuring rock stars and celebrities are the newest travel trend. And now, my Gen-X brethren, it’s time to dust off those old worn out flannels (you know you still have one or two in a closet somewhere), because the latest theme cruise was designed just for you: a chance to rock out with old school indie rock music from Weezer and Dinosaur Jr.

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New Passport Rules Keep Elderly Couple From Alaskan Dream Cruise

All Larry and Gladys Williams wanted was to go on a cruise to Alaska. However, their dream was denied when they showed up  at port in Seattle without passports, according to the Dallas Morning News, Larry Williams had assumed that passports weren’t necessary for the journey, since the cruise began in Seattle and ended in Alaska.

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