As reported by Reuters, Disney just announced a new addition to its fleet of luxury cruise ships: The Disney Dream. The vessel is currently docked in Port Canaveral, awaiting the start of its maiden voyage on January 26.

From the Disney Cruises website, here are some of the ship’s stats:

“Boasting 14 towering decks, a ship length of 1,115 feet and a maximum width of 125 feet, the 130,000-ton vessel includes 1,250 staterooms and has the capacity to comfortably accommodate 4,000 passengers—along with the over 1,458 Crew Members who tend to the needs of every cruise Guest each and every day.”

Not only that, but the Disney Dream is also the only cruise ship to have an attached water ride. Disney calls the AquaDuck a “water coaster.” Basically, it’s a gigantic enclosed water slide that takes you all around and over the ship, finally dropping you off in an onboard lazy river.

If you just have to see this for yourself, there are still some slots open on the ship’s second voyage, which leaves for the Bahamas on January 30th. But will you need a passport?

Technically, since the Bahamas cruises are “closed-loop” cruises, which begin and end at the same US port, you should be able to board with just a copy of your driver’s license and a birth certificate.

However, Disney would prefer it if you had a passport, even though it’s not technically required. Here’s what they have to say about the benefits of having a passport:

“In addition to providing you and your family with valid identification, having a passport prepares you to travel wherever you desire. It also offers an extra level of security while overseas. For example, in the unlikely event that you experience a family emergency during your cruise and need to return home via air from a foreign port, you would already possess the appropriate identification needed to travel.”

Getting a passport for your Caribbean cruise is generally a smart move, even if your itinerary doesn’t require it. If you’re in a hurry, RushMyPassport can help. We’ll forward your application to the Department of State for processing times as low as 24 hours.

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