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New Passport Rules Keep Elderly Couple From Alaskan Dream Cruise

All Larry and Gladys Williams wanted was to go on a cruise to Alaska. However, their dream was denied when they showed up  at port in Seattle without passports, according to the Dallas Morning News, Larry Williams had assumed that passports weren’t necessary for the journey, since the cruise began in Seattle and ended in Alaska.

However, the ship wasn’t sailing straight from Seattle to Alaska-there was also a stop at a Canadian port.  

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Expedited Passport and a Cruise for Mother’s Day

Still trying to come up with ideas for Mother’s Day? Cruises have become surprisingly affordable-why not pitch in with your siblings and get her a cruise? For example, the Travel Deals blog has a link to some great deals on Caribbean cruises, starting as low as $179!

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Getting a Passport For a Family Cruise

Are you trying to decide what to do when the kids get out of school for summer vacation? Here’s a surprisingly cheap idea: take the family on  a cruise! CBS News has a post up that describes the deep discounts the cruise industry is offering to keep itself afloat. 

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Do You Need a Passport To Go on a Cruise?

UPDATED INFORMATION as of June 1, 2009: 

A passport, a passport card, a NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST enrollment card, or an enhanced driver’s license is required to travel to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean by land or by sea.  

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