Apply For Routine Passport Services to Avoid Long Delays

Standard passport processing is still available for travelers that want to be prepared and have their passports ready. Travelers that wish to plan ahead can use this time to prepare their documents for travel once the ban is lifted. You can still renew your passport with confidence and apply for your passport today.

Once the travel restrictions are lifted, there will be a backlog of passport applications. With the Real ID Act extensions expiring later this year, we expect to see a high volume of passport applications. Applying now will give travelers the chance to get ahead of the lines and avoid time consuming suspensions and delays.

While expedited passport processing is largely under temporary suspension at all passport agencies, emergency passport services related to life and death may be available by appointment at select passport agencies.

Passport Service Options During Coronavirus

The impact of COVID-19 outbreaks are being experienced across the world, greatly limiting travel options. Starting March 20, 2020, only travelers with a qualified life or death emergency qualified for rush passport services at a Regional Passport Agency. This will continue to change as the travel restrictions adjust state-by-state. Current processing times are backlogged, so expect delays.

Here are the latest numbers from the US Dept of State:

Week (Thursday-Wednesday) Applications Received Passports Awaiting Issuance Passports Issued
Sept 24-Sept 30 176,000 923,000 168,000
Sept 17-Sept 23 179,000 934,000 165,000
Sept 10-Sept 16 143,000 931,000 149,000

Fortunately, routine passport renewals are still available. Our service helps applicants renew their passport and avoid in-person lines at the post office. Our online passport application process and passport advisors will help make the passport renewal process quick and easy. An acceptance agent is not required for passport renewals.

Acceptance agents are required for new passports, replacement passports, and child passports. Unfortunately, some passport application acceptance facilities, which include libraries, clerks of court, and post offices may not be accepting U.S. passport applications at this time. If you need to apply in person for your U.S. passport, please contact the facility directly to confirm if they are accepting applications.

If you are applying for or renewing a U.S. passport on or after March 20, 2020, we temporarily cannot offer expedited services until the Passport Agencies lift the present suspension.

How to Expedite Your Passport During Coronavirus

What options do you have to get your passport fast during the coronavirus shutdown? If you live near a Regional Passport Agency, you may qualify for an emergency passport if your travel needs related to a life-or-death emergency. Serious illnesses, injuries, or deaths in your immediate family that require travel outside the US within the next 72 hours may qualify. Immediate family is defined as a parent, child, spouse, sibling, aunt, uncle, etc.

An appointment will be required and you must provide:

  • passport application with supporting documents
  • Proof of the life-or-death emergency such as a death certificate, a statement from a mortuary, or a signed letter from a hospital or medical professional. Documents must be translated or in English.
  • Proof of international travel (e.g. reservation, ticket, itinerary)

To make an appointment at a passport agency or center for a life-or-death emergency, you must call the National Passport Information Center:

  • Call 877-487-2778 on Monday- Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time.
  • Call 202-647-4000 outside of these hours to make an appointment.

You can read more about the State Department’s response to COVID-19 here.


Week (Thursday-Wednesday) Applications Received Passports Awaiting Issuance Passports Issued
Sept 24-Sept 30 176,000 923,000 168,000
Sept 17-Sept 23 179,000 934,000 165,000
Sept 10-Sept 16 143,000 931,000 149,000
Sept 3-Sept 9 110,000 944,000 129,000
Aug 27-Sept 2 151,000 919,000 168,000
Aug 20-26 165,000 938,000 156,000
Aug 13-19 143,000 923,000 209,000
Aug 6-12 151,000 968,000 235,000
July 30-Aug 5 139,000 1.06 million 213,000
July 23-29 143,000 1.15 million 206,000
July 16-22 143,000 1.23 million 198,000
July 9-15 124,000 1.31 million 274,000
July 2-8 112,000 1.43 million 188,000
June 25-July 1 133,000 1.51 million 236,000
June 18-24 134,000 1.61 million 187,000
June 11-17 120,000 1.72 million 154,000