What is a Regional Passport Agency?

Regional Passport Offices are run by the Department of State and have passport printing facilities on site. Most are only open to US citizens who plan to leave the country in the next two weeks, or who plan to leave within four weeks and need both a new passport and a visa for their destination.

Unfortunately, many travelers find these offices to be inaccessible or just plain inconvenient.  In the entire country, there are only 24 of them, and their office hours tend to be limited.  Some are only open for four hours each day!

They also operate by appointment only. Even with an appointment, you’ll have to take a number and there may be a line.  This US Regional Passport Office Directory  will help you locate the one that’s closest to you, but if you don’t see one nearby, dread the thought of traveling and waiting in line, or can’t get an appointment that works with your schedule, don’t despair. You have other options!

East Coast Regional Passport Offices

These Passport Agencies are located along the East Coast:

  • Boston Passport Agency
  • Buffalo Passport Agency
  • New York Passport Agency: New York, NY
  • Connecticut Passport Agency: Norwalk, CT
  • National Passport Center: Portsmouth, NH
  • Philadelphia Passport Agency
  • Vermont Passport Agency: St. Albans, VT
  • Washington Passport Agency: Washington, DC

Regional Passport Offices in the South

  • Arkansas Passport Center: Hot Springs, AK
  • Atlanta Passport Agency
  • Dallas Passport Agency
  • Houston Passport Agency
  • Miami Passport Agency
  • New Orleans Passport Agency

Regional Passport Offices in the Midwest

  • Chicago Passport Agency
  • Detroit Passport Agency
  • Minneapolis Passport Agency

Regional Passport Offices in the Western US

  • Colorado Passport Agency: Aurora, CO
  • El Paso Passport Agency
  • Western Passport Center: Tuscon, AZ
  • Los Angeles Passport Agency
  • San Diego Passport Agency
  • San Francisco Passport Agency
  • Seattle Passport Agency
  • Honolulu Passport Agency

Can’t Make It to a Regional Passport Office?

If you have a passport emergency and you can’t make it to the nearest Regional Passport Office, or if you simply hate the inconvenience involved, we can help. We hand-deliver your application paperwork to the Department of State for processing in as little as 24 hours. Even better, there’s no need to make an appointment or wait in line at a passport agency, and you get expert advice and assistance every step of the way.

See how quick and easy it can be to get a passport. Apply today!