Do you need to apply for a passport in Somers, New York? Wednesday, July 22 is your lucky day! The Westchester County Clerk’s office will be accepting passport applications at Reis Park in Somers from 6 to 8:30 pm.

The evening hours are especially helpful for people who have to work during the day, when most of the places that accept passport applications are open. Instead of trying to squeeze a trip to the post office or county clerk’s office into a an already too short lunch break, you can stop by the park after you get off work.

County clerk office staff will be accepting applications for new passports, for replacing lost and stolen passports, for passport renewals and for passports for children. However, if you’re renewing your passport, you can probably print off the forms you need and apply by mail. See Can I Renew My Passport By Mail? for more details.

They’ll also be accepting applications for the cheaper, wallet-sized passport card. But before you apply for just the card, read Passports Vs. Passport Cards and learn about the passport card’s limitations. (Hint: You can’t use it for air travel).

To apply for a new passport, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Proof of ID (driver’s license, state ID, government ID, military ID, old US passport or naturalization certificate). You need the original and a photocopy.
  • Proof of citizenship (birth certificate, naturalization certificate, old US passport).
  • One passport photo (At this event, the staff can take one for you for an additional $10).
  • A way to pay the passport fees.

Standard passport processing takes from four to six weeks. Got a last-minute trip coming up? The Department of State will expedite your application for an additional $60, and you’ll get your passport in two to three weeks door-to-door.

Still not fast enough? You can make an appointment at the nearest regional passport agency office, and apply there in person. If you can’t make the drive, can’t get the time off work or simply don’t want to wait in line, RushMyPassport can help!

Can’t Make the Passport Event?

Can’t make it on Wednesday? No problem…RushMyPassport to the rescue! We’ll help you fill out your passport application, with a handy checklist that reduces the chance of anything being forgotten. Then, we’ll expedite your application with the Department of State, for processing in as little as 24 hours, with no need to make an appointment , wait in line or travel to a regional passport agency.

Contact us today to get your passport in a hurry!

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