Updated: January 4, 2021 

The U.S. Department of State standard processing times are now longer. Expect to wait 10-12 weeks for routine processing. If you need your passport sooner, consider expediting your passport.

One of the most common questions people have when they apply for a  passport is “How much is this going to cost me?” So, how much does it cost to get a passport? Passport fees are subject to change so check this page for the current passport prices for 2021.

Passport fees will depend on how quickly you need your passport. Passport processing times can range from as fast as 4-6 weeks to as slow as eight weeks or longer.

Passport Prices & Fees

Passport Type Standard Fee (10-12 weeks) Acceptance Agent Fee Total Passport Fees
New Adult Passport $110 $35 $145
Passport Renewal $110 NA $110
Replacement Passport
(lost, stolen, damaged)
$110 $35 $145
Child (Minor) Passport $80 $35 $115
Passport Card (Adult) $30 $35 $65
Passport Card (Child) $15 $35 $50
Second Duplicate Passport $110 NA $110

*Expedited passport processing is available for travelers with upcoming travel plans. Expect the time frame to be 4-6 weeks. An additional $60 is required for the expedited government fee.

2021 Passport Fees Explained

Acceptance Agent Fee: The acceptance agent will verify the identity of the applicant, witness signatures and review required documents. This is required for all applicants that need to apply for a new adult passport, replacement passport, or child passport. The fee is $35 and is paid at the acceptance agent facility, usually the post office or county clerk.

New Passport (for adults age 16 and older): For a new adult passport book: $110 application fee and a $35 execution fee. The new total fee is $145.

Passport Cards (for adults age 16 and older): The application fee is $30 and the execution fee is $35. The new total fee is $65.  Again, this is only if you want a passport card but you’ve never had a passport before. If you already have a passport, use Form DS-82 to apply for a passport card by mail and avoid the execution fee.

Lost, stolen or damaged passport replacement: The application fee is $110, the execution fee is $35 and the new total fee is $145.00.

Passports for children under the age of 16: The application fee is $80.00 and the execution fee is $35.00, for a total of $115.00.

Passport cards for children under the age of 16: The application fee is $15 and the execution fee is $35. The total cost is $50.

blankPassport Renewal (by mail): If you’re renewing by mail, the fee remains $110.00. Passport renewals are only available to for adult passports (10-year validity), less than 5 years expired, and undamaged.

Passport Card (by mail): The cost remains unchanged at $30 since no execution fee is necessary.

Expedited Passport Services: Traveling sooner than 1-12 weeks? The standard processing time for an expedited passport is 4-6 weeks through the post office. If you need your passport even faster, there are additional options. Expedited Passport Services are available but will cost an extra $60 on top of the other fees, plus the cost of overnight shipping to and from the passport office. Read below for more info on how to get your passport fast.

How much does it cost to get a passport faster?

Government fees have increased, but they haven’t increased the speed. Click here to review our current prices and processing times. Our team of passport specialists are available to help you get your passport in time for your upcoming trip.

RushMyPassport recently partnered with FedEx Office to offer expedited passport services at over 2,000 FedEx Office locations in the United States. Visit your local FedEx Office to take a passport photo and fill out and print your paperwork or get started online.