If you have a passport that’s either approaching its expiration date or already expired, you may be eligible to apply by mail. How do you know if you’re eligible to renew your passport by mail? Just go through the checklist below-if you can answer “yes” to every single one of these questions, you can skip the passport office:

  • Were you at least 16 years when you received your current passport?
  • Do you still have your current passport?
  • Is your current passport in good condition?
  • Was your current passport issued less than 15 years ago?
  • Was your current passport issued in the name you currently use OR do you have legal documentation of your name change? Note: Depending on the circumstances, “legal documentation” can mean a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order.

To renew your passport by mail, send the following documents to the Department of State (the address will be on the application) in a sturdy protective envelope:

  • 1 completed passport renewal application, Form DS-82 (don’t forget to sign it!)
  • Your current US passport
  • Name change documentation, if applicable
  • One passport photo
  • Passport Fees: $130 for a passport book, $30 for a passport card, or a $140 for both together. If you’d like expedited service, pay an additional $60. It’s also suggested that you pay for overnight shipping.

Once you’ve sent in your application, all you have to do is wait. Please be aware that if you order regular processing, it could take 8-11 weeks or longer for you to get your passport. If you requested expedited processing, you can expect to wait at least 5-7 weeks.

For faster service, you can apply in person at your nearest Regional Passport Agency Office, or use a private passport expediting service like RushMyPassport.com.

Using an expediter is a much more convenient option, since you don’t have to make an appointment or drive to the passport office. Plus, you’ll get personal service from an experience passport specialist, helping you avoid mistakes that could delay your application.

Renew your passport with us today!