Passports have changed a lot over the years. We recently wrote about a 400-year-old passport that a popular BBC show discovered in May. Back then, passports were letters written on parchment, signed by the king, that gave the bearer the right to travel the world on the king’s behalf. Obviously, passports have evolved a great deal.  What will they look like in the future?

Samsung thinks it knows. The company has developed a prototype electronic passport that uses a flexible OLED screen to display a rotating, 3-D image of your head. The electronic passport is powered by the RFID chip inside of the passport, so it never needs to be charged. Engadget has a video posted.

Is this the US passport of the future? Who knows…it’s still in the early stages. Currently, US passports already have an RFID chip to make them harder to forge, so perhaps someday this will be the next step.

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