If you are applying for 24 hour passport processing, you don’t have any time to spare. You simply cannot afford to have anything go wrong after you submit your application! The following checklist will help you avoid common mistakes so that your 24 hour passport application is accepted the first time.

Check Your ID

If your driver’s license or state ID card was issued less than 6 months ago, you will need to include 5 additional forms of secondary ID as backup.  Here are some examples of acceptable proof of identification.

Check Your Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate must be certified, with a raised, embossed, engraved or multicolored seal.  If you live in California or Texas, you need a “long form” birth certificate, printed on 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper.

Check Your Check

If you are using a private passport expediting company instead of making an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency, you’ll need to make out your check in advance and send it in with your paperwork. If the check is made out incorrectly, the government won’t accept it.  Make sure you know exactly how much you need to pay, and then check out our guide to filling out checks for the US government.

Make Sure Your Child Support Is  Paid Up

The US Passport Agency cannot issue a passport if you owe more than $2,500 in back child support and you don’t have payment arrangements.  Also, if you have ever been more than $2,500 in arrears, you may be on the “no passport for you” list even if you’ve paid up. Noncustodial parents are not removed from the list automatically, even after they have paid their balance to below $2,500.

To check your child support balance, find your state’s Child Support Enforcement Agency here.

Check Your Documents

When you apply for 24 hour passport processing, you will need to include proof of departure, such as a copy of your travel itinerary or a letter from your company if your trip is for business. If you are renewing your passport and your name has changed, you’ll need legal documentation of the name change.

The easiest way to apply for 24-hour passport processing is to use a private passport expediting company.  When you work with an expediting company like RushMyPassport.com, you’ll get detailed instructions and personalized service to guide you through the application process.

Apply for a 24 hour passport with us today!