Earlier this summer, we posted a blog on 4 Great Apps for International Travel.  We wanted to add some additional apps to the list to ensure you were up to date on the latest and greatest apps for international travel.

  1. Trip Journal — Trip documenter :  Trip Journal is an award-winning travel app that lets you digitally document your trip on your iOS, Android, Bada or Symbian device.
  2. Converse:  Have a conversation with speakers of other languages with Converse, a $4.99 iPad app. Converse translates between English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.
  3. UNESCO World Heritage — Location guide:  For travelers who would like a bucket list of amazing places to visit in their lifetime, the World Heritage app will do the trick.
  4. Wikitude:  Award-winning augmented reality app Wikitude helps you explore as you travel. Take pictures of new sights and scenes — when you have an Internet connection, Wikitude will inform you about your surroundings.
  5.  WhatsApp:  Text any smartphone user with WhatsApp, the app that lets you send texts, photos, videos and audio files with your contacts. WhatsApp is also great for group texting among different smartphones, so we bet you’ll keep using it after you return home.
  6.  AllSubway:  This $0.99 iOS app is a pocket guide to the world’s subway maps. Featuring more than 160 maps, you’ll find guides to public transit systems in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.
  7.  Photosynth:  Available for Windows Phone and iPhone, this incredible panorama creation app lets you shoot geo-located, interactive images. You can share your Photosynth with other users when you have an Internet connection.
  8.  Skype WiFi:  Hate when random paid networks pop up as you’re trying to connect to airport Wi-Fi? Skype Wi-Fi lets you use your Skype credit to connect in airports, hotels, coffee shops, and thousands of other locations across the world.
  9.  Google Goggles:  This free AR app for Android will help you identify everything from paintings in museums to ingredients in food. Just make sure you can find an Internet connection, and Google Goggles will take care of the rest.
  10. TripIt:  This one-shop-stop travel app organizes everything from your business schedule to your hotel reservation to your flight confirmation numbers. If you’re looking for a serious organization tool, this $3.99 app is for you.
  11. Wi-Fi Finder:  Preparing for the big, bad, cell service-free world outside your hotel? Load a map of nearby Wi-Fi locations with this free iOS app.
  12. XE Currency:  Don’t get ripped off changing currency — use this app to find the best local rates. If you often overspend while you’re abroad because you find conversions confusing, this iOS app will help you keep your budget.

Are you using something we haven’t listed?  Let us know what you are using and why you love it so much.