If you want to make your international adventure even better, don’t forget to pack your smartphone. Looking for flight updates? There’s an app for that. Looking for a good restaurant, an easy way to figure out the local currency exchange, a GPS walking map or some help with language translation? There are apps for that, too. And most of them are free. There are even apps to take your own passport photo.

A good travel app can make your international travel easier – and a lot more fun. Here are four of our favorites.


There’s a reason that Kayak has become the iPhone’s most popular travel app. This easy-to-use app streamlines the travel process by allowing you to compare hundreds of travel sites at once to find the flights, hotels and rental cars that best fit your needs and budget. Do it all in one handy app.

Once you’ve booked all your travel essentials at the best possible price, Kayak can help you find top rated tours and travel attractions to enjoy near your destination city.  Other great features you’ll love on this amazing travel app are packing lists, currency converters and up-to-the-minute flight tracking info.

Kayak on Google Play

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TripIt Travel Organizer

Once you’ve booked your flight, hotel, rental car and tours, TripIt is the essential organizational app that will help you keep track of your entire itinerary… all in one convenient location – your email.

Forget about fumbling for printouts with travel itineraries, reservation numbers, departure gates, flight times, seat numbers or locations. TripIt makes it easy!

This amazing travel organizer links directly to your email where it finds every travel confirmation for your trip – flight time gate and departure, car rental, hotel, tours, show tickets, dinner reservations – if it’s got a confirmation number, this app finds it and organizes it for you in one place.

Not only that, TripIt will automatically update any up-to-the-minute flight delays or gate changes on your itinerary so you’ll always have easy access to the most current information. This amazing travel organizer is a must-have app for all travelers.

TripIt on Google Play

TripIt on iTunes

Wi-Fi Finder

When you’re traveling, one of the most important things you will need to find in every location is a WiFi Internet connection. The Wi-Fi Finder app helps you find all the local Wi-Fi hotspots wherever you go to give you the essential connectivity you need for your travel and communications devices.

Wi-Fi Finder on Google Play

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Traveling through a foreign country is not always easy, especially when you don’t speak the native language to ask for directions. That’s why you need EveryTrail, the world’s first truly mobile travel guide.

With this popular GPS travel app, you will always know where you’re going (and how to get there). EveryTrail provides easy-to-read maps to guide you to your chosen destination – as well as audio guides, street names, and a compass.

EveryTrail will also point out local points of interest along the way. You can map a trip, add photos to your map, add photos and maps to your blog or website to share with friends at home. EveryTrail correlates the time stamps on your photos with your GPS trail and automatically places photos along your route (if your camera’s time is set incorrectly, you only have to tell EveryTrail where one particular photo was taken, and it will calculate the positions for all the rest).

EveryTrail on Google Play

EveryTrail on iTunes

So make your trip the best it can be with these four amazing travel apps. You’re going to love them.  We would love to hear what you think about these apps if you have used them during your travels!