Passport stamps always have sentimental value, but when it comes to aesthetics, they often come up short. But not always. Some countries have passport stamps that are like miniature works of art. Here are six of the most interesting and unique passport stamps from around the world:


Okay, it’s not a country, but when you re-enter the US from Alaska, you might find your passport adorned with anything from a moose (Poker Creek Customs) to an old-style locomotive engine (Skagway), depending on where you enter.

Republic of San Marino 

San Marino passport stamp


Completely surrounded by Italy, the tiny Republic of San Marino is actually the world’s oldest constitutional republic. It’s not required that you get your passport stamped at the border, but if you choose to, it will be adorned with a stately seal that befits this country’s ancient history.


Cambodia Passport Stamp

Cambodia’s passport stamp, embellished with the country’s coat of arms or the ruins of Phnom Phen, is as decorative and distinguished as one of Cambodia’s many Buddhist temples. To see another example, go to National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog.


Antarctica passport stamp

Traveling to Antarctica automatically gives you bragging rights. Depending on where in Antarctica you go, you could also end up with a cool passport stamp featuring an adorable penguin right out of “Happy Feet,” or perhaps a killer whale!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong passport stamp

Hong Kong welcomes international arrivals and sends them off in style, with a round stamp adorned with a delicate flower.

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Where is your favorite passport stamp from? What does it look like?