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6 Unique Stamps for Your US Passport

Passport stamps always have sentimental value, but when it comes to aesthetics, they often come up short. But not always. Some countries have passport stamps that are like miniature works of art. Here are six of the most interesting and unique passport stamps from around the world:


Okay, it’s not a country, but when you re-enter the US from Alaska, you might find your passport adorned with anything from a moose (Poker Creek Customs) to an old-style locomotive engine (Skagway), depending on where you enter.

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Souvenir Passport Stamps? Make Sure to Have Extra Visa Pages

The Berlin Wall has been down for almost 20 years. However, Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous border crossing between East and West Berlin, is still a major tourist attraction. And, for a fee, you can still get your passport stamped just as you would have if you crossed from East Berlin to West Berlin when the wall was still up.

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