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How To Get a Passport Quickly Without a Birth Certificate

It’s important to keep a copy of your birth certificate around, just in case. However, it’s also one of the easiest documents to lose since you don’t need it very often.  Your desk can get shuffled around, it can get lost during a move…and unless you double-check its whereabouts periodically, you’ll have no idea that it’s lost until you actually need it.

If you need a passport quick, not being able to find your birth certificate can be a significant roadblock. However, there are ways to get a passport quickly even if you don’t have your birth certificate available.

Do You Need a Birth Certificate to Get a Passport?

Maybe not. If you are eligible to renew your passport by mail, your old passport is all you’ll need.

How Can You Get a Birth Certificate Quickly?

The most straightforward way to get a birth certificate quickly is simply to go down to the Office of Vital Statistics where you were born. However, if you’ve moved from that location, this is probably not an option for you.

Instead, you can order a copy of your birth certificate online at  They can get you your birth certificate within a week.

Of course, if you need your passport quickly, you may not be able to wait that long. In that case, as long as you’ve previously had a US passport, you can request that the State Department confirm your citizenship for you by submitting a Request for File Search form. Submit this form with your passport application and a separate $60.00 check made out to the US Department of State, and they’ll search for your files for you.

If you need to get a passport in a hurry, a private passport expediting company is an invaluable resource.  Visit our website to see how easy it is to get a passport quick!

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16 Responses to “How To Get a Passport Quickly Without a Birth Certificate”

  1. pat

    do all your services only cost $99.00 whether it be a renewal, lost or stolen passport or first time?

  2. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Pat,

    We offer several different options depending on how quickly you need your passport. Our standard service starts at $99.00, and that’s the same whether it’s a renewal, a lost or stolen passport, or the first time. You can view the different options and their corresponding prices here.

    However, that cost is for our service only, and does not include government fees. You can find those here.

    Thanks so much for commenting, and I hope this helps!

  3. jeffery

    Can I get a passport if I have a Bad Conduct discharge from the Us military for possesion of Marijanua

  4. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jeffery,

    In all likelihood, yes. Usually, an American citizen can get a passport as long as they don’t owe back child support, don’t have an existing warrant or court order, and aren’t on parole or probation with restrictions against leaving the country.

  5. Connecticut Congressman Helps 86-Year-Old Constituent Get Passport Service - Blog

    […] However, for 86-year-old Katherine Young, getting passport service wasn’t that easy.  When she applied for a passport, she had long ago lost her birth certificate.  Usually, this is not a problem-you can simply purchase another copy from the Department of Vital Records in the state you were born in. Or, if you are in a big hurry, you can pay an extra fee to have the Department of State look up your birth record for you. For more information, see How to Get a Passport Quickly Without a Birth Certificate. […]

  6. chris

    hi i have a big problem i need to fly in less than two months
    i dont have a birth certificate cuz i dont remember my moms maiden name and
    none of my family lives in america at the moment can you help ? need answer
    asap please and thank you so much for helping

  7. admin

    If you are traveling out of the US, you definitely need a passport. First, have you ever had a US passport before? If you have an expired US passport in your possession, you may be able to renew it by mail, without a birth certificate.

    If not, you can try applying using a combination of secondary documents to prove your US citizenship. Go here for the details. The problem is that most of these documents may be harder to track down than your mother’s maiden name would be.

    If you’ve ever been issued a US passport before, you can also try requesting a file search as described in the article.

    I hope this helps!

  8. raj

    i want 2 make us pasport but i have no my birth cartificate i was apply for new one but al the time i was rejected.can u help me about ir 2 make a pasport or my birth cartificate

  9. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Raj,

    To get a US passport you need proof of American citizenship, such as a copy of your birth certificate (if you were born here), or a copy of your naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship (if you became a US citizen after birth). Hope this helps!

  10. Elizabeth

    Hi I have a birth certificate but it doesn’t have my name on. What should I do?

  11. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Well, you wouldn’t be able to use it to apply for a passport. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t have your name on it…I would suggest requesting a certified copy from the Department of Vital Records where you were born:

  12. Maria Garcia


    I do have a birth certificate but I lost it I need to go to Mexico in a week I applied for a passport with the firm DS-10 will this help me get my passport?? Or do I need to apply for a birth certificate??

  13. HILARI

    How can i get my passport if i cant find my birth certificate and i was adopted from another country (i’m still a citizen but every identification i have has expired) I was told i need identifications such as an ID but i only have a school id and i can’t get a state id without my birth certificate or a valid passport:(

  14. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Hilari,

    What a catch-22! You can either get a certificate of citizenship (see this page for details) and use that to get your state ID and apply for a passport, or use your adoption decree and parent’s birth certificates as proof of US citizenship to get a passport. See this page for details. Hope this helps!

  15. Malachy connor

    We just adopted a baby in CA. And we live in Ks We want to go to Mexico with my parents towards the end of February. We suspect we will not have a Bc for 6 months. We need a passport. Does anyone know if we would be able to get one in time?

  16. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Malachy,

    Congrats on the new arrival! As far as the passport goes, that’s tricky- it may depend on whether the adoption has been finalized and you generally do need a birth certificate (to prove US citizenship) and an adoption decree (to prove your relationship to the child). My suggestion would be to contact the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778, explain the situation and see what they have to say. Good luck!

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