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When Do You Need a Passport?

When it comes to planning a trip, it's better to be safe than sorry.  So, when do you need a passport?  Most trips outside of the United States will require one, unless your itinerary fits into one of the following exceptions: Closed-loop cruises, cruises that begin and end at the same US port. For these cruises, a birth certificate and driver's license will suffice, though it's better to have a passport in case you need to fly back home for an emergency or to another port if you miss the boat. Land and sea travel to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. For these trips, you can use either a traditional passport, a passport card, an enhanced driver's license (assuming you live in one of the handful of states that offer them), a NEXUS card, FAST card or a SENTRI card. If you are a NEXU


Passport Photos: Where to Get Them

No matter how camera-shy you are, if you want a US passport, you'll need to smile and say cheese first. There are several different places you can go to get passport photos made, or you can do it yourself.  Here are some of the different options available, as well as the pros and cons of each: Drug Stores Walgreen's, CVS, Rite-Aid and most other drug store chains offer passport photo services.  The cost is usually around $7-8 for either one or two photos. Retakes are extra. The Pro's: Ideally, the photographer has been trained and is aware of all the special requirements for passport photos.  Plus, drug stores provide instant gratification, since your photos are ready in just a few minutes. The Cons: This option is more expensive than doing it yourself, retakes cost extra an


Passport Offices Open For Annual “Passport Day in the USA”

This Saturday, March 28th,  passport offices around the country will celebrate "Passport Day in USA." During this event, many Passport Acceptance Facilities will be open to accept passport applications, answer questions and provide information about the passport application process. All Department of State Regional Passport Agencies will also be open. "Passport Day in the USA" is the only day of the year when the general public will be allowed to submit passport applications directly to a Regional Passport Agency without first making an appointment and paying an additional expediting fee. This event is especially important this year, as the regulations governing travel to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean are changing effective June 1st. Currently, passengers traveling to these count


How To Get a Passport Quickly Without a Birth Certificate

It's important to keep a copy of your birth certificate around, just in case. However, it's also one of the easiest documents to lose since you don't need it very often.  Your desk can get shuffled around, it can get lost during a move...and unless you double-check its whereabouts periodically, you'll have no idea that it's lost until you actually need it. If you need a passport quick, not being able to find your birth certificate can be a significant roadblock. However, there are ways to get a passport quickly even if you don't have your birth certificate available. Do You Need a Birth Certificate to Get a Passport? Maybe not. If you are eligible to renew your passport by mail, your old passport is all you'll need. How Can You Get a Birth Certificate Quickly? The most str


What Are the Requirements for US Passport Photos?

As of November 1st, 2016, you are no longer allowed to wear glasses in your passport photo. Before you go in to have passport photos taken, it's a good idea to be aware of the US Passport Agency's requirements for passport photos. If your photos don't measure up, your passport application could be rejected. To make sure you get your passport in a timely manner, review the rules below before you strike a pose for the camera: (more…)