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Get a Passport Quickly Without a Birth Certificate

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It’s important to keep a copy of your birth certificate around, just in case. However, it’s also one of the easiest documents to lose since you don’t need it very often.  Your desk can get shuffled around, it can get lost during a move…and unless you double-check its whereabouts periodically, you’ll have no idea that it’s lost until you actually need it.

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Get a Passport Quick to See Christopher Robin’s Bookstore

In Dartmouth, England, the Harbor Bookshop has long been an important destination for fans of Winnie the Pooh. The bookstore was once owned by the real-life Christopher Robin. Now, unfortunately, it is set to close in September, a victim of rising rental rates and a change in how people buy books these days.

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Michigan to Offer Enhanced Driver’s License for Trips to Canada

Michigan has decided to offer an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL), which its citizens can use instead of a passport for quick trips into Canada. Like the newer passports, the enhanced driver’s license has a radio frequency identification chip to provide stronger identification, so it is WHTI-compliant for land and sea trips to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.

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