Getting a passport for a minor can be a bit of an ordeal. Once you finally have your child’s passport in hand, another question arises: Who signs it? Do you, or does the child? What if your child is too young to write?

You’re not alone in wondering – this is a common question for parents to ask. The answer depends on the age and writing ability of your child. You have to make a judgement call: can your child sign the passport legibly, in pen, within the space provided? If the answer is yes, then he or she can do so. If your child is too young, then either you or the other parent must do so instead. Here’s how:

  • On the signature line of the child’s passport, print the child’s name.
  • Sign your name in the space next to the child’s name.
  • After your name, write “mother” or “father” in parenthesis.

When it comes to child passports, there are a couple of other important things to remember. For starters, if your child is under the age of 16, his passport will only be valid for 5 years. Adult passports are valid for 10 years, so it’s extremely common for parents to overlook their children’s expired passports until the last minute. Considering that the standard time frame for processing a passport application is 6 weeks, this common mistake has ruined many a family vacation.

If you do need to get a passport for your child in a hurry, RushMyPassport can help. We’ll walk you through the paperwork, step by step, to help prevent common mistakes that could cause delays in processing. Then, we’ll personally deliver the application to the Department of State for processing in as little as 24 hours.

Getting a passport for a minor can be a complicated, lengthy process. We make it easy and quick. Contact us today!