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The 411 On Child Passports

Child Passports
What are the requirements for child passports?

Traveling with children is hard enough. Add in the travel planning before you go and it can be overwhelming. But we make the child passport process easy to understand. Do you need a passport for your upcoming international trip? Do children and minors need a passport?  YES.

Any United States citizen, no matter what age, traveling outside of the United States by air requires a passport.

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babies need passports

Do Babies Need Passports?

Passports for Babies and Toddlers

One question that keeps coming up again and again in the comments section is this: “Do babies need passports of their own?” It’s not necessarily an unreasonable question– after all, they don’t necessarily need their own plane tickets, so why would they need their own ID?

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Passports for Children Adopted Overseas

Adopting a child is an incredibly stressful process, especially if you choose to adopt from another country.  Though the reward of giving a child a family is immeasurable, international adoption often requires an intense commitment in the form of time, energy and money. 

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Do Children Need Passports?

Do children need passports to travel outside the US? That’s a reasonable question. In fact, in the 19th century, the Department of State issued what were called “family passports” allowing the entire family to travel on the same passport.

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Beyond A Child Passport: What Your Child Needs to Travel

Planning an international trip with your little one? You’ll need more than just a child passport to take your little monster overseas, in many cases. Here’s the lowdown on the all the documents your child needs to travel:

  • A child passport, in most cases (see below for exceptions).
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How to Get a Child Passport

*The passport fees have recently changed. As of April 2nd, 2018, the passport acceptance fee has gone up from $25 to $35.


All children, no matter how young, need a passport of their own to leave the country by air and in some cases by land and sea.

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Who Signs A Child’s Passport?

Getting a passport for a minor can be a bit of an ordeal. Once you finally have your child’s passport in hand, another question arises: Who signs it? Do you, or does the child?

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