Study abroad programs are becoming more and more popular among US college students, and for good reason.  College is the perfect time to try living overseas!

Think about it…by studying abroad, you get to experience another country and another culture firsthand while you earn college credits.  After you graduate, you’ll probably be short on both money and time, at least for a few years. That’s why college is the best time to travel.

Also, studies have shown that listening to native speakers helps you learn a second language more quickly, So, studying abroad can also help you master a foreign language, which will make you more employable after graduation.

If you’re interested in studying abroad but not sure if it’s right for you, try to talk to as many people who have done so as possible. If you don’t know anyone, you can also look online to find blogs and personal accounts from international students.

If you go, one item needs to be at the top if your packing list: a US passport.  Make sure to allow at least 6 weeks for your new US passport to be delivered if you order it with regular processing.

If you need your US passport more quickly than that, a private passport expediting service can move your application to the “top of the stack,” getting it processed in as little as 24 hours.  Order your US passport today to make sure it’s ready when you need it!

Have you ever studied abroad? Share your experiences in the comments!