International travel is a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. To help keep Americans safe, the Department of State issues travel warnings whenever travel to a particular country becomes dangerous. Here are the top 10 places not to take your US passport. You can find more travel warnings at the Department of State website.

  1. Yemen-On the list for terrorist attacks that specifically target Americans.  In September of last year, the American Embassy was attacked, and the US government remains concerned about terrorist activities.
  2. Sudan– The current situation in Sudan is a true human tragedy.  Americans are advised not to travel to the country at all, since there is a possibility of being caught up in protests or terrorist attacks that target Westerners.
  3. Central African Republic-Armed rebel groups, bandits and poachers…not anyone’s idea of a good vacation.
  4. Algeria-From the Department of State’s website: “Terrorist attacks including bombings, false roadblocks, kidnappings, ambushes, and assassinations occur regularly.” Enough said.
  5. Iraq– The situation on the ground in most of Iraq is still dangerous for civilians, especially Western civilians.
  6. Afghanistan– Ditto.
  7. Pakistan-There is a strong possibility of more terrorist attacks in Pakistan, especially targeting places where foreigners congregate.
  8. Somalia– Pirates are a major threat along the coast, but it’s much worse on dry land, where terrorists and warring clans are a particular threat to Westerners.
  9. Chad-An escalating conflict between government soldiers and rebel fighters makes travel to Chad unsafe.
  10. Congo– Government and Rwandan soldiers have teamed up to fight the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, an organization linked to the Rwandan genocide. There is a strong possibility that civilian travelers could get inadvertently caught up in the fighting.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other countries in the world that are still safe to visit. Remember,  overseas does require a US passport, and you should apply at least two or three months before your trip to ensure you have yours in time.

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