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Submit Your Passport Application to Study Abroad

Are you looking for a study abroad program? Depending on your academic interests and your budget, there could be many different study abroad programs for you to consider. Which one should you choose?

Rachel Pitt at has an excellent post that compares the value of the popular Semester at Sea study abroad program to other study abroad programs.  Her conclusion was that Semester at Sea can be a great value for students who want to study abroad, aren’t prone to seasickness, and don’t mind only getting to spend small blocks of time each in port.

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How To Expedite My Passport If I’m Supposed to Apply in Person?

When you use an expediting company to expedite your passport, there are some things you need to know before you submit your application.  For example, when you expedite your passport using an private expediting company, in most cases you have to mail all of your documents to the expediting company using an express mail service.

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