Are you looking for a study abroad program? Depending on your academic interests and your budget, there could be many different study abroad programs for you to consider. Which one should you choose?

Rachel Pitt at has an excellent post that compares the value of the popular Semester at Sea study abroad program to other study abroad programs.  Her conclusion was that Semester at Sea can be a great value for students who want to study abroad, aren’t prone to seasickness, and don’t mind only getting to spend small blocks of time each in port.

If you’re interested on joining a Semester at Sea voyage, you should be aware that the deadline to apply for financial aid is approaching quickly for the Fall 2009 voyage.  If you’d like to go on the Fall 2009 voyage and need financial aid, you have to have your financial aid application in by April 17th.

Passport regulations are the same for international c0llege-age students as they are for anyone else. You’ll need a passport to go on a Semester at Sea cruise, and you should also get your passport application in as soon as possible.  Most travel experts recommend sending your passport application in at least 2 months prior to your trip. That way, you have plenty of time to get it back in the mail from the US Passport Agency. Also, if you make a mistake on your passport application, you have plenty of time to correct it without having to worry about the ship sailing without you.  Study Abroad programs are expensive, and most have cancellation penalties, so it pays to make sure you have your passport in hand well before you are supposed to leave.

If you need to get your passport more quickly, the easiest method is to use a private passport expediting service. An expediting service will deliver your passport application directly to the US Passport Agency, so you’ll get super-fast processing without having to make an appointment or waiting in line.

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