When you use an expediting company to expedite your passport, there are some things you need to know before you submit your application.  For example, when you expedite your passport using an private expediting company, in most cases you have to mail all of your documents to the expediting company using an express mail service. However, the government requires you to apply for a passport in person in most cases. Only passport renewals that meet certain criteria can be submitted through the mail.  How can you expedite your passport by mail if you’re supposed to apply in person?

When you expedite a passport, if you are required to appear in person to submit your application, you’ll need to go in person to a passport acceptance facility to have an acceptance agent look over your documents, watch you sign your application, and seal the documents using a special government seal. Acceptance facilities are usually found in libraries and post offices. You can find a nearby acceptance facility here, at the US Passport Agency website.

Once your application package is sealed, nobody can open it again, except for the US Passport Agency. So, it’s extremely important that the application is filled out correctly and all appropriate documents are included in the package.  Then, you can mail your package to the expediting company for processing.

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