Pro tip: If you’re going to commit a crime of some sort, you might want to leave your passport at home. I’ll bet Dozy Kenneth Morgan, a 48-year-old crook from the UK, wishes he had left his behind. According to The Sun, the newly released ex-con was robbing a house in London when the homeowner returned. He got away through the kitchen window, but fortunately for the homeowner, the rest of the neighborhood and society in general, the police were able to crack the case in literally seconds when a quick search of the home turned up Mr. Morgan’s lost passport.

Not just his passport, either. From the Sun’s report, he also left behind a backpack that “contained his mugshot on a prison ID card, his birth certificate and a tenancy agreement with his signature.” Elementary, my dear Watson!

According to the Sun, the cops investigating the robbery “giggled” like schoolgirls, then promptly found and arrested Mr. Morgan. His excuse went something like this: “Oh no, officers. Someone stole that backpack from me and planted at the scene of the crime.” It didn’t fly in court, and now he’s back in jail.

For a couple of seconds, I almost wanted to believe Mr. Morgan’s story. I mean, he left not just his passport, but also his prison ID card and rental agreement? REALLY? But as it turns out, he’s been robbing houses for around a quarter of a century. Sometimes, people really are that dumb, and the Sun has christened Mr. Morgan “Britain’s Dumbest Burglar.”

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