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Want to Travel? Get a Passport and Download This Free Ebook!

You’ve always wanted to travel the world, right? Well, what’s stopping you?  Becoming a world traveler is a big change. Are you just not sure where to start?

Over at Almost Fearless, Christine Gilbert is offering an ebook that just might help you get your rear in gear, so to speak. The ebook, a compilation of a month’s worth of blog posts, is a guide to help you make the changes you need to make your lifestyle more travel-friendly.

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Get a Fast Passport to the Original Oktoberfest!

Fall is almost here, the air is starting to feel just a tad crisp, and its time for Homer Simpson’s favorite holiday-Oktoberfest!  Americans are always eager for an excuse to drink beer and listen to music, so there are plenty of small local Oktoberfests to go to, but wouldn’t it be great to go to the mother of all Oktoberfests in Munich, Germany?

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