Wouldn’t you love to get paid to travel? Winners of Finnair’s new “Quality Hunters” contest get to do just that: get paid to fly to Finnair’s destinations and evaluate their experiences. (h/t Jaunted). Here’s how Finnair describes the contest on its website:

Ever dreamed of getting paid to explore the world? Finnair, one of the world’s longest continuously operating airlines, offers you the adventure of a lifetime. We are on a global search for four Quality Hunters; intrepid, outspoken and discerning individuals whose task is to travel to Finnair’s destinations in Europe, Asia and the US for a period of two months in search of quality experiences.

The 4 contest winners will be traveling from October and November 2010. Even if you don’t win the grand prize, if you vote for the top Quality Hunter on the Rethinking Quality blog, you’ll be entered to win free international air tickets from Europe to Asia.

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