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Take Advantage Of Cheap Flights With an Express Passport

Summer’s almost over. Can you believe it? In about a month, school will be starting back again, the weather will start cooling down, and you might find yourself wistfully daydreaming about kicking back on the beach with a nice frosty cocktail.

If you aren’t ready to wave goodbye to summer yet, don’t despair! Starting September 8th, JetBlue will fly you to paradise for cheap!

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One Item To Add To Your Honeymoon Registry: An Express Passport

Are you getting married in the near future? If you’ve been living on your own for awhile, you may not need the traditional wedding gifts of household appliances and dishes.  And, if you’re like me, the thought of someone spending a lot of money on nice china just because “it’s something you’re supposed to have once you’re married” may make you cringe.

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See Ancient Incan Ruins and More with an Express Passport

Before Spanish conquistadors discovered South America, the Incas ruled the largest empire on the continent from their capital in what is now Peru.  They kept records using a system of knotted ropes called quipus, constructed awe-inspiring stone buildings without the aid of modern technology (or even the wheel),  and conquered a territory that stretched from modern-day Ecuador to Chile.

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