The holidays are over…have you recovered yet? There’s no doubt about it-the holiday season is fun, but it can also be quite stressful! If your “holiday” left you feeling like you need a vacation, why not snag a great last-minute travel deal and get going? has a post up that highlights some amazing last-minute deals on airfare. For example, if you’ve always wanted to visit the other side of the world, Cathay Pacific has flights to Hong Kong for $795 in February. Or, if you’d rather experience la dolce vita firsthand, AliItalia has awesome deals on flights to Italy-as low as 560.00 per person!  Since the best offers are for flights leaving in February, you’ll get to see the sights unencumbered by the crowds of tourists that flock there in the summer. If you’re dreaming about a ski vacation, check out Alaska Airlines for great February deals on flights to Vancouver.

All three of these travel deals have a couple of things in common: The best prices are for flights that leave next month, and you have to have a passport to go. What if you don’t have a passport? With discounts like these, it’s well worth the extra cost to get an express passport! If you have at least two weeks, you can request expedited service from the US Passport Agency when you send in your application by mail for an additional $60 fee. If you have less than two weeks, you can make an appointment for express passport service at a US Passport Agency Office or use a private expediting company like

Using a passport expediting service is the easiest way to get an express passport. Even if you have two weeks or more before your flight, an expediting company can help you with your application to make sure everything goes smoothly the first time and that you have your express passport in hand well before you’re supposed to fly out.