Are you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to the normal spring break routine of beer and bikinis?  Treehugger has come to the rescue with a detailed list of the 7 Greenest Spring Break Destinations.  For example, you could spend your spring break hanging out in an eco-cabin in Ireland, insulated with hemp and warmed by a pellet stove and relaxing with some yoga and a nice massage.

Or, you could lounge around on the beach in Mozambique, staying in an eco-friendly “banda” and pumping some much-needed tourism dollars into the local economy. If organic farming is your passion, you can learn from organic farming masters all over the world through World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.  There are also plenty of opportunities for volunteer work.

However, the destination you choose is only part of booking a “green” spring break.  What Treehugger leaves out of its article is suggestions for “green” ways to get to all of these exotic places.  Ecosalon has a helpful article on their blog that describes ways to find eco-friendly flights and cars as well. For example,  you can score last-minute travel deals on and then pay for a carbon offset for flight as you check out.

However, spring break is almost here, so if you want to go to any of these places, you’ll need to get an express passport if you don’t already have one.  At this point, your best bet for getting an express passport in time for spring break is to go through a private expediting company.

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