Still trying to come up with ideas for Mother’s Day? Cruises have become surprisingly affordable-why not pitch in with your siblings and get her a cruise? For example, the Travel Deals blog has a link to some great deals on Caribbean cruises, starting as low as $179!

Remember, though, that travel requirements for cruises to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean are changing.  Currently, travelers on cruises to these regions can use photo ID and proof of citizenship, like a birth certificate, to re-enter the United States. However, starting June 1st, 2009, passports will be required for adults on cruises to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean, unless the cruises begin and end at the same US port.

If you’re purchasing a cruise for Mom this year, make sure to check with the cruise line to see if passports will be required. If your mother doesn’t have a passport, you can help her apply for an expedited passport if she needs one. Since most of the cruises that are on sale leave within the next month or so, the best way to make sure Mom has her passport in time is to use a private passport expediting service. Although the US Department of State offers expedited service, their expedited service currently takes at least 3 weeks door-to-door.  An expediting company can have her expedited passport application processed in as little as 24 hours, so she won’t have to worry about being left in port.

Order an expedited passport today, and get ready to enjoy life on the high seas!