Do the advantages of studying abroad outweigh the disadvantages? Although attending a semester of school overseas isn’t for everyone, there are clear advantages to studying abroad, and the disadvantages can be minimized with careful planning, according to this article on

The article states that studying overseas offers the following advantages to international students:

  • Mastering a new language.
  • Having an increased sense of independence and self-reliance.
  • Developing a sense of respect for other cultures.
  • Having an advantage in the job market. (In today’s global economy, employers want to hire people who are familiar with foreign cultures and can speak other languages).

But what about the disadvantages, such as being alone in a strange country? These can often be overcome with careful planning. For example, purchasing health insurance and legal insurance can help students stay safe, even if the trip does go awry. Financial aid and scholarships may transfer, making studying abroad more affordable. And, of course, the internet offers a variety of ways for students to connect with friends and family at home.

Traveling abroad is often a supremely stressful experience if you are going it alone for the first time, but the sense of achievement you get from successfully navigating foreign train schedules or from communicating in a new language can be truly life-changing.

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