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Students: Get a New Passport and You Can Study Abroad in Norway

Studying abroad is often seen as a bit of a luxury. The cost varies depending on the program, but in many cases that’s a fair assessment. However, if you’re interested in living in the land of the midnight sun, you should know that Norway lets all students study at its public universities tuition-free- in most cases, even students from other countries.

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Ohio State University Urges Students: Get a Passport

Ohio State University is trying to make sure its incoming freshman class considers a passport as much of a college essential as pens, pencils and a laptop.  According to the Columbus Dispatch, OSU intends to double the number of passport-carrying students attending the university, primarily by encouraging its incoming freshman to apply and by creating shorter, more accessible study-abroad programs.

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Should a US Passport Be Your Next Back-to-School Accessory?

Do the advantages of studying abroad outweigh the disadvantages? Although attending a semester of school overseas isn’t for everyone, there are clear advantages to studying abroad, and the disadvantages can be minimized with careful planning, according to this article on NBC26.com.

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