NASCAR driver Carl Edwards is used to going places in a hurry, but an upcoming trip from Michigan to Montreal is cutting it a little bit close, even for him. A lost passport, eventually located at his home in Missouri, is not helping matters, either.

According to, Edwards planned to fly from Michigan to Montreal in time to drive in the Nationwide race at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Saturday. For that, of course, he’ll need a passport. Since he left his documents at home, he actually had to have a friend drive them up from Missouri to racetrack in Michigan. Fortunately, Edwards has some generous friends!

Once he has his passport, his next step involves a race to the Montreal airport:

“We are going to go to the airport and fly to Montreal, land at the airport. We have the customs folks and have talked to them and they say they are going to make it somewhat easy on us. We are going to hopefully get a helicopter there and should make it to the race track literally five minutes before the race starts. It is going to be close.”

However, despite the perilously close timing, Edwards isn’t stressing. I know I wouldn’t be able to sound this sanguine about the prospect of having to be somewhere important with literally only a five-minute window:

“There is no pressure involved, you just go there and race. There isn’t enough time to get any anxiety over anything. It is kind of an adventure. That is it. But my passport has to get here first.”

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