A lost passport can happen to anyone, and the worst part of it is that you typically don’t realize your passport is missing until you are about to leave the country. For example, the San Francisco band Girls had to cancel a show in Montreal last week after they all lost their passports.

The unfortunate band was on tour and headed for Canada when they realized they didn’t have their passports. They applied for new ones at the Boston, Massachusetts Passport Agency, but were not able to get them in time.

In a statement quoted on Chart  Attack, the  band said that  “We hung on till the last minute in case the Boston passport office could turn it around quicker but to no avail.”

If you’ve lost a passport and you have a trip scheduled in the near future, you can choose one of two options. First, you can apply at a Regional Passport Agency office, if there is one nearby. Doing this requires that you make an appointment first-they won’t let you in without one.

You also might have to drive for a while, or even catch a plane, since there are a limited number of passport agency offices in the country.

The second option is to use a private passport expediting company like RushMyPassport.com. With RushMyPassport, you can replace a lost passport quickly without having to make an appointment or spend a lot of time driving to a passport agency office. You’ll work with a passport specialist who will help you with your application, and you’ll receive a handy checklist to help you get everything in order.

Then, we forward your passport application to the US Department of State, putting it “on top of the stack” for immediate processing. This results in processing times as low as 24 hours.

Lost your passport? Let us help you replace it!