Do you do a lot of international traveling? Sure,  your passport is valid for 10 years, but even travelers with a valid passport can run into problems if they run out of pages in their US passport books. So, before you leave on an international trip, check the visa pages on your passport. Many countries require you to have 2-4 blank visa pages. If your passport doesn’t have enough pages, they won’t let you in. Airlines may also require that you have a minimum number of blank visa pages before you can board the airplane.

If you’re not sure you have enough visa pages to travel, check with your airline and with the embassy of the country you’re traveling to. If you need more visa pages for your US passport, here’s how to get them:

  • Fill out an official Request for Extra Visa Pages , Form DS-4085.
  • Mail it in with your valid US Passport.
  • It costs $82 to add passport pages, unless your up for a renewal.  For the government’s expedited service, you’ll pay a $60 extra fee and the cost of express delivery.  Right now, requests for expedited service from the government are processed within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • If you need your extra passport pages in less than 2 weeks, you’ll have to make an appointment with a US Passport Agency or use a private expediting service like
  • A private passport expediting service can get your passport pages in as little as 24 hours, and you won’t have to drive to a US Passport Agency to get them.