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How To Add More Pages To Your US Passport

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Starting December 27th, 2021, the Department of State will increase fees for a passport book by $20 for all customers. Price updates reflected here.

Do you do a lot of international traveling?

Although passports are valid for 10 years, frequent travelers with valid passports can encounter problems if they run out of pages in their US passport books. Before you leave on an international trip, check how many blank pages are in your passport.

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Souvenir Passport Stamps? Make Sure to Have Extra Visa Pages

The Berlin Wall has been down for almost 20 years. However, Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous border crossing between East and West Berlin, is still a major tourist attraction. And, for a fee, you can still get your passport stamped just as you would have if you crossed from East Berlin to West Berlin when the wall was still up.

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