You can still apply for your passport during the COVID-19 situation. But how do you get your passport photo? We have great options to safely get your passport photo during the COVID-19 closures and stay-at-home-orders. Applying for your passport or renewing your passport doesn’t have to be a difficult task during this time.

How to Get a Passport Photo During Closures & Stay-Home Orders

The passport photo is required for passport renewals, new passports, child passports, and replacing a lost or stolen passport. Passport photos are the number one reason for passport application rejections, suspensions, and delays. Here are some options to get your passport without running all over town looking for a passport photo service that’s open and available.

FedEx Office

Your local FedEx Office may be a great option for your passport photo needs. Call ahead to see if they are offering passport photo services. FedEx Office can also print and ship so you may find this a great way to get your passport underway.

Passport Photo App

Download the free Passport Photo Creator mobile app (available on iOS). Using biometric facial compliance checks, the Passport Photo Creator will help you take the perfect passport photo. Take as many photos as you want until you are satisfied and it meets the strict government requirements. Once you have the perfect passport photo, you can print to your local Walgreens. You only pay when you pick up your photo at Walgreens. This is a great option as you can get in and out of the store without spending unnecessary time in public.

Online Options

Take your own passport photo! You should have a friend or family member take the photo approximately 3 feet away back. Make sure you have a white or off-white background. You should also follow all the other passport photo requirements. Once you have a photo that meets the requirements, you can use a free website like Online Passport Photo*. It will help you template your photo for a 4×6 print. You can download the 4×6 print and send it to your local Walmart or anywhere you can get a one hour print.

*We do not own or operate that website so please make sure you review their terms before using.

Passport Services COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates

Passport services may be limited, but travel restrictions will be lifted. There will be a major surge in all travel industries and passports will be no exception. Many expect significant delays in passport processing, so it’s smart to apply now for your passport renewal. And if you need a new passport, check ahead with your local acceptance agent to see if appointments are available.