Starting December 27th, 2021, the Department of State will increase fees for a passport book by $20 for all customers. Price updates reflected here.

Having two passports sounds like a privilege reserved for spies and secret agents. Actually, though, you don’t need a double life filled with dark secrets to get a second American passport. All you have to do is request one, and prove to the Department of State that you actually need it. Here’s how:

Fill Out a Second Duplicate Passport Application

To apply for a second passport, you’ll need to fill out Form DS-82, which is normally used to apply for a passport renewal. You do not need to go to a post office to request a second passport.

When you send in the form, you’ll need to include one new passport photo and your current passport, plus passport renewal fees of $130 for regular service.

Include a Letter of Explanation

You’ll also need to include a signed statement explaining to the Department of State why it is that you need a second passport. ¬†Please note: “I want one” is not a good enough reason. The Department of State issues duplicate passports at its discretion when one of the following conditions apply:

  • You travel often, and having just one passport is interfering with your travel plans by preventing you from obtaining the visas you need while you’re home between trips.
  • You need a second passport for safety reasons, generally because you travel or are planning to travel to both Israel and anti-Israel states.

For a sample letter requesting a second valid passport, see our example here.

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